Tuesday, June 16, 2020

If you've ever mocked a friend or relative who was afraid to go to the hospital during the lock down it's past time to apologize

"It turned out that I was having a coronary, thus the breathlessness. I had to sit in the emergency room until they tested me for the Wuflu. Two hours later they came back and said I was negative, which I already knew. I sat there for 24 hours until they found me a room." 

I just read a comment on Non Veni Pacem  from a woman who had a horrifying experience in the ER and I don't blame anybody who is scared to go to a hospital in these terrible days. You will be alone with no family member to fight for you. The staff will immediately focus on Corona and it will be hours before your actual needs are addressed unless you present in the ER with blood loss or have an ambulance crew to vouch for you. How many people have died over this? We will never know.