Monday, June 01, 2020

Nightmare in the nursing homes

You may have seen the sickening video of a young man attacking residents of a Michigan nursing home. I won't post it here because it upset me too much. He's  been arrested but the most shocking thing about this story is that he's reportedly mentally ill. (he looks more like he has fetal alcohol syndrome to me), and has was diagnosed as being infected with Corona virus. Why, why, why is a mentally ill young person in a nursing home? Why was an extremely violent young man allowed to roam unimpeded in a nursing home?

Some people had said that Democrats seeded nursing homes with Corona because elders vote Republican. That doesn't make sense. I've stood in line to vote and saw residents from a near by nursing home being brought in on walkers, canes, and wheelchairs. To my astonishment I saw a poor old man who's eyes were glassy and his mouth was slightly agape. If I'd asked him what he had for breakfast that morning I do not believe that he could have answered me. I watched the nurse wheel him up to the voting both and pull the curtain. I'm convinced the nurse did his voting for him.

Nobody who is in the last stages of dementia, or bedridden or dying is voting and old Democrats vote Democrat to the day they die anyway. So what really happened? Were the elderly deliberately targeted to boost the death numbers? Who profited by every death? There must be a financial incentive. Pray for your family members in the nursing home. The Health Secretary of Pennsylvania pulled his mother from nursing home and took her to safety. If you go your loved one's nursing home and demand they give your daddy right now, you'll probably be arrested. Since you can't even visit and notice things your family members are totally without any defense and are at the "mercy" of forces you can't constrain, or in some states, even sue one day.