Sunday, January 24, 2021

In your charity could you say a little prayer?

 My 93 year old Cousin Pearl had a birthday yesterday. Her pastor, family and church members went to the nursing home and waved to her from the window. They posted the visit on Facebook and when I saw her a wail leapt out of me I and started crying. It's been hours since I saw the video and I still feel unwell.

Another cousin saw the Facebook post  last night and later told my mother that she was so appalled that she too, wept at the sight what she saw. Cousin Pearl was a stylish, plump, always smiling, and spunky woman in the beginning of 2020, now she's skin and bones and it took her a great effort to drink from a glass and raise her head. She looks like she's almost gone. I'm so glad my mother doesn't have Internet and was not able to see this. 

Update 1/27/21. Cousin Pearl died this morning.