Monday, January 18, 2021

That was weird

 Rocky took a day off and we took a road trip to Orange County, Virginia. We found the local church and stopped in to pray the Rosary. It  was an odd little church. We couldn't find the Blessed Sacrament and they didn't have a crucifix over the altar. They do have a lovely piece of stained glass behind the altar. I wonder if they bought the building from a Baptist congregation because the windows, floor, carpet and design of the building looked very much like the little Baptist church that my great grandfather helped found.

Whoever is in charge of cleaning there needed to get to it. I noticed a strong body odor while we were praying but there was only one other person in the church and that person was sitting in the last pew quite away from us. It was stuffy and stale but could one normal person smell as strong as a large locker room?

 The front of the building was glass and Rocky and I were startled to see a man peeking at us through the  main door.  We walked to another door and he followed along outside to stare at us through that door. He pressed himself against the glass and cupped his hands over eyes to get a good look.  We retreated to another door but that led to a long stairwell. After a fruitless search for another way out, Rocky said "Enough of this. I'm going ask this guy what his malfunction is." 

We went back to the front door and stepped out. The creepy guy was gone. We got back to our car with no issues. I have no idea what that was all about.