Sunday, July 18, 2021

And so it begins


I went to Mass at the Cathedral because Rocky's work schedule has changed and our parish Mass times wouldn't give him enough time to get home and change clothes and have us be there on time.  I just read on the Twitter feed of a fellow parishioner that the new pastor at my parish announced that the TLM will no longer be inside the church or on church grounds. What that will entail I do not know. Apparently there is no plan as yet for where the Mass will be allowed to be held. Fr. was given the order by Bishop  Burbidge. 

The Arlington diocese was very blessed. If you wanted to go the traditional Mass you could at more than one parish and if your work schedule couldn't be adjusted to make it on Sunday then there were multiple low Masses during the week.  I once wrote years ago that as happy as I was for the growth of the TLM in the diocese I was not going let myself get comfortable or casual about it. I thought that we would lose it as soon as Pope Benedict died.  I thought I was prepared for this day but I still cried. 

UPDATE: Apparently the blowback was so huge that the TLM has been saved for now.