Friday, July 02, 2021

Random thoughts on a rainy Friday morning

  •  At work they still won't come out and honestly say "Get the vax or you will be fired," but they keep sending messages reminding the 5% who have not had the shot to hurry up and do it. They're also using guilt. Apparently if anyone gets sick it will be on my head. Where was this idea during any cold season of my entire life? Remember when Betty in Accounting sneezed and then everyone around her got a cold and people laughed, shrugged and kept on working? Remember that world?

    A few years ago a noisy and rambunctious family sat down behind me at church and one of the kids sneezed repeatedly on me. I actually felt her spittle on my neck. I got sick two days later and yes, I got bronchitis and had bruised ribs from all the coughing. Did I go to church and yell at the mother for being inconsiderate? Did I accuse her of trying to kill me? No, of course not. I made sure to avoid sitting near them again because I don't like out of control children but blaming them for a normal occurrence never entered my mind. But now, I and the hand full of other people who have held out at work are responsible for the health of the entire firm. That's not fair or remotely realistic.

  • Catholic Twitter does not represent liberal Catholics, conservative Catholics or traditional Catholics. Catholic Twitter is a tiny, tiny minority and remember, the average Catholic does not even  know who Tim Gordon or Patrick Coffin or Steve Skojec are.

  • I found a sample vaccination exemption letter.  

  • I've noticed a really weird phenomenon. Young and single Catholic women  who post immodest photos of themselves and flirt with men and priests online. The priests are frequently young, which is worrying but what is more noticeable is that a lot of them seem to prefer women to men and have mostly female commenters on their own blogs, Facebook or Twitter pages.  If anyone criticizes the women the priests rush in to defend their best girl buddy. Even weirder is the engaged or newly married women who carry on this Taming of the Shrew banter with men. What on earth is this about? 

  • Last night Rocky and I went to Mass. It gave me chills. Father Visitor is not a native English speaker and I certainly don't speak Vietnamese but we had Latin and I can truly say that his celebration of the Mass was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

  • The lovely ladies of the Les Femmes blog are being attacked by vulgarian Church Militant fans. Please pray for Mary Anne and Susan.