Sunday, October 24, 2021

Random thoughts on a Sunday afternoon

  •  Mundabor has written a harsh epitaph for poor Pope Benedict that made me wince at the truths and very sad for Benedict. He didn't have the  charisma or energy to follow the JPII papacy model. He was cursed with very shady people in his own private apartment and he was simply overwhelmed by the wolves. 

  • What did I say?  It's started already. The victim is 18.

  • As horrible as the beagle puppy experiments are and I do have to  ask why it was even done; go back 1000 years and any Bedouin could tell you what sandflies can do --- I think it's very telling about the state of our modern societal degeneracy that this is what it  took for normal people to finally get upset at Fauci.

    Where are the Western world's priorities? A pig kidney is successfully transplanted to a comatose woman who could not have given her consent and people cheer the progress of science. Elderly people in nursing homes were put into confinement and not allowed to see their friends, clergy and families until they reached near death, if that, depending on the locale and people went, "It's for their safety! Millions of babies have been dismembered or poisoned in the womb and have been had their organs cut of their precious bodies while still alive and people shrug but ...puppies, well that's just too far.