Saturday, October 02, 2021

Weirdness at Adoration

 I saw the weirdest thing last evening. Rocky and I went to Adoration but the holy hour was ruined by one family.  They were sitting in the back but one row ahead of us and I guess they were trying to let each one of the children have a good view of the Blessed Sacrament. Every  ten minutes or so one of them would get up and move to a different pew closer to the altar and another one would return to the rest of the family who  would all shuffle to the right or left and then the next family member would get up and move to another pew. This zig zagging loop went around and around like this for the entire hour. 

Finally a man came in  and knelt down in the same pew as the family. The teenaged daughter  of the family leaned over to whisper to him. I didn't hear what she said but the man looked surprised and later I saw that he had to keep getting up from kneeling and sit or stand depending on the size of the child each time one  of them would do that bizarre musical chairs shuffle over him. He stayed in that pew though. 

One of the kids who looked about 13 or 14 must have decided that he didn't need to move and the teenaged daughter leaned over to give him a whispered tongue lashing. I saw the boy's cheeks flush beet red and he looked hurt. He got up stiffly and moved to another pew like she wanted. 

Rocky and I left as soon as our hour was over. The musical chairs bit seemed ridiculous, distracting and rude.

The other people in the chapel who were  sitting in  the  up front pews didn't see all this and were spared the distraction. I don't know what the parents were trying to accomplish but I don't see how turning Adoration into a game added to their children's devotion and I certainly didn't see it as charity to the other people in the pews or as reverent to the Lord.