Thursday, March 31, 2022

Ask Your Husband--- and other random thoughts

  •  Although I do NOT want to give my money to either of  the Gordon brothers I have become increasingly curious about Stephanie Gordon's book, Ask Your Husband, to see what the fuss (from people I respect and a few that I don't), is all about. I'm too late. Tan publishing has pulled the book due to a plagiarism accusation from a surprising source and it's not available for immediate purchase on Amazon. The next Gordon family reunion is going to be bit strained, I'm guessing. If I can find a used copy I may still try to get it. The sad thing is; a good, non-stuffy, highly readable  book on Christian feminism and why it's evil is needed. Hopefully one day, we'll get one. 

  • If I hear that "But the rank and file are still decent men and women and on our side," idiotic line one more time.....

  • Y'all know that Oscar's slap was fake as pro wrassling, right? 

  • Hey Maryland.   Joe at the Washington DC Catholic blog has posted a Tweet a Maryland legislature bill that should disturb you. Have your bishops or your parish priest said anything about this? You can also read about this on the Restore DC Catholicism blog.