Saturday, April 09, 2022

Uncle Luke and the Angel

 If someone claims that Our Lord, Our Lady, saints or angels are stopping by to chat with them regularly you should avoid them. If you think that the King of Kings is popping into your kitchen every day and saying you're  the most wonderful person in the world and that He is more united with you than any other creature you need to run to your priest and possibly a physician. That may very well be a demon or a brain tumor talking.

Chasing after unapproved apparitions is bad news but that doesn't mean that God doesn't step in when we need Him. I suspect that most true apparitions are not intended for the world to know about and are a one time event for most people who are so visited. Here's a family story about a relative who needed a miracle and may have gotten one.

My Great Uncle Luke was a wonderful person but he was an alcoholic. My mother isn't sure if his drinking started when he was a teenager or if it's something that began after he came home from the Korean War. Whenever it started it was very bad and was destroying him. His sisters, Grandma and Great Aunt Violet decided that something had to be done. Grandma befriended Luke's young wife and his young children spent pretty much every day at her home. Aunt Vi came home and spent her vacation talking to Luke's supervisor at work, his banker, and a lawyer. She took control of his money, made sure his bills were paid, bought clothes for his children and saved the home that Luke's grandchildren live in today. 

Luke's drinking finally landed him in the hospital. While he was there he had an experience that changed his life forever. He later told my grandmother and no-one else that an angel walked into his room. What the angel looked like or said, he did not tell her but from that night on he didn't need to drink anymore. He died when I was five and he was known as a wise and well beloved member of the family and community. He was also considered to be one of the most charitable men in the town. So many people came to his funeral that they had stand in the back and overflowed into the churchyard. It was such a spectacular turnaround that anyone who hadn't known him when he was a young man wouldn't have believed that he ever had an alcohol problem. God acts in our lives.