Thursday, May 05, 2022

Random thoughts on a Thursday afternoon

  •  There is no more fiercer critic of the Church than one who has left her due to scandal. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene used to be Catholic but now attends some Protestant group's services.  The sex scandals are apparently her main reason for that and she certainly is not the only one. The toothless, worthless Catholic League got upset with her recent comments but conveniently ignore why Greene said what she said.  

  • I don't believe Roe will fall this year. I think one or two of the Justices will be be intimidated into changing their votes which is what the leak of the draft was intended to do. Frankly my main concern right now is the threats of violence against Catholic churches. Notice that nobody is calling for bothering non-denominational soft rock bank churches or any other blend of Protestant worship hall. I guess that's the devil admitting that only the Catholic Church is true.

  • There is talk that the traditional Mass at Old St. Mary's in Chinatown in DC is going to be cancelled and moved to the widely criticized JPII Center near Catholic U. That would a be a shock. For many years the only place in DC to find a traditional Mass was St. Mary's. However, parking over at JPII would be much, much better. One reason why Rocky and I never go to St. Mary's anymore is that unless you get there two hours early parking is impossible and while it's not as bad as it used to be, it is not in a neighborhood where you can afford to daydream in while walking to Mass. Cardinal Gregory, if he does force a move, may not intend it as a kindly gesture but it might work out for the good in the long run.