Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Are we ruled by livin' men or monsters?


Life is so very beautiful. Last night Rocky and I sat and listened to the cicadas and looked up at the moon. Beautiful.  Last week I stood by a river in Southern Maryland admiring the birds and loving the smell of rain. Beautiful. How perverse that our leaders, who already have everything money can but still can't find joy in that;  seem determined to ruin and kill innocent people because they think it's worth it to create the world they want. Whether you trust Fr. Malachy Martin or not, I think his term "perfectly possessed," describes a lot of the men and women who are in charge. 

The song in this video is from the Twilight Zone episode "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"Peyton Farquhar, has escaped from a hanging and near drowning and the stunned, exhausted man revels in the joy of being alive. His fierce love of life and his family gives him the strength to stagger 30 miles back to his home. He doesn't make it.