Friday, September 30, 2022

Random thoughts on a Friday night

  •  I did not know this but I was aware that with the exception of the SSPX most of Catholicism's bishops failed during the Great Sick aka The Rona. It was mostly Protestants who fought in court. That is our shame. 

  • I've been seeing some well-meaning and hopeful folks say to the DC attendees of the TLM that they should come to Virginia. When I remind people that the Diocese of Arlington is only permitting the traditional Mass for two years I'm told that a lot of things could happen in two years. True. When I press the person responds with a version of  "You know, Francis could die,". Well, unless a person is  on his deathbed it's not a good idea to count the sands in their  hourglass.   

    I remember my  family's insurance agent who gently chided fat customers and pointed to his own athletic lifestyle. When he died suddenly in the prime of his life I saw many of his fat and elderly customers, who all obviously outlived him at his wake. Francis could live another ten years and even then, unless we get a miracle, the next man up could be even worse. So, for all practical purposes the Arlington Diocese TLM is on borrowed time. People need to face that and start making contingency plans.

  • Maureen Mullarkey is a smart woman.  I hope she's wrong about Shia LeBeouf. I hope I'm wrong but I think a lot of people are going to end up with egg on their faces. 

  • We don't want to go to war. God have mercy. We are ruled by Orcs.  

  • Our Lady of Good Help, pray for us.