Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And now for something completely different

Rocky and I went to Richmond and visited Sacred Heart Cathedral.

It was completed in 1906, and puts our little "cathedral" in the Arlington diocese part of Virginia to shame. For one thing, it's actually open during the day for people to come and pray and you can even see a priest walking by. And unlike St. Thomas Moore we didn't run into any tyranical staffers. It's beautiful inside and in December they should be done with the restoration. Virginia Commonwealth University has grown up around the cathedral and during the school season you'll see hundreds of kids walking by. Sacred Heart has a lively campus ministry and a large youth group. Monroe park is right in front of the cathedral and we were thrilled to see what I think was a one of the red hawk breeds or a harrier fly over us and perch in a tree there.

Later we went to Comfort on Broad Street to eat. The cheese grits were very good. We also stopped at Sallie Bell's Kitchen for deviled eggs. They are almost as good as my mother's.

Today I met two wonderful people praying in front of Alexandria's abortion clinic. One goes to my parish and the other goes to the parish my husband usually visits on his day off for adoration. It was cold and windy but they were there. God bless them.


Catherine Lucia said...

I don't know...there's nothing like our DC Shrine, to me anyway... :-)

Actually St Rita's in Alexandria is the best, but we won't get into that!

Dymphna said...

Ah the Basilica and St. Matt's are wonderful indeed. St. Rita is a little jewel.

Catherine Lucia said...

I have a soft spot for St Dominic's in DC. I've never been to Sacred Heart in Richmond--will have to go sometime! :)

Your profile picture is interesting--what is it exactly? (Can't see too well)

Dymphna said...
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Dymphna said...

Aargh. Technical difficulties. My profile picture is taken from a vocations photo of a young priest.

Bailey Walker said...

Thank you for giving me some lovely memories of Sacred Heart Cathedral. I was a student at VCU from 1967 to 1969 and the Newman Club (as we called it in those days) was a lifesaver. So was daily Mass in the cathedral. And the wonderful priests. And Bishop Russell (who confirmed me!). All so long ago.

Pray for the Diocese of Richmond.