Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh gee. Not this crap again.

According the Catholic News Service there was a proposal at the Bishop's synod to officially install women in the ministry of lectors. This is crap. First off I'm sick of all these ministries at church. You have the flower ministry, the grief ministry, the welcoming ministry, the hospitality ministry. Please!

And what does the proposal mean by "officially install"? Are we talking about a faux ordination ceremony? That's getting into pretty dangerous waters.

There is only one minister-- the priest. Everybody else is just a volunteer or a paid lay worker. Permanent deacons, as we know them today are a fairly recent church experiment and they may have their place, but they are no replacement for the priest.

This proposal (Does anything good ever come out of a bishop synod?), is just another chipping away at the dignity and the uniqueness of the priesthood. If you want a priestess go find another religion.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I know huh? I say restore all the minor orders that have been suppressed since Paul VI...

This is exactly why when I become YM, I'm axing the greeters (they just annoy me), the EOMHC's (they annoy me too), i'll keep the ushers (someone's got to collect the money); and the altar BOYS!

Our Bishops' need our prayers, the dignity of women is been attacked through this "addition"

Dymphna said...


Simplex Vir said...

Exactly, I concur with full heart and vigor.

I am sick of these little attempts to further strip away authority from the Priest.

We should create the Ministry of shut the heck up and sit down!

Maybe that wasn't entirely charitable...sorry.

Smiley said...

no more lay ministers of anything. No Eucharistic ministers nothing. If the Bishops want something how about trying to encourage more vocations. And how do we do this you ask, well daily church rosary, more devotions before and after masses. Better CCD.
You dont need more lay ministers who do not have any reverence fo the tasks they do you need more holy priests.
I am sick of lectors who have never read the readings before and who dress up so badly. I am sick of lay Eucharistic ministers who open the tabernacle like it is a cupboard in their house and hand out communion like it is potato chips. NO ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Terry Nelson said...

I was going to post on this too - glad you did. I'm also very sick of all the ministries and crazy active involvement BS.

Prima said...

I'm glad someone else feels this way. I'm beginning to hate the word "ministry." Also, LEMs. Just about everything, in fact. I just want a priest and altar servers. And Latin.

ignorant redneck said...

The Roman Rite is the only rite of the Church that doesn't have the minor orders--they date to second and third century.

Also, the orthodox, oriental orthodox and non-Chalcedonian churches also maintain them.

The FSSP and the other EF groups also still use them.

We need them back, because each of the ministries they performed stillexist in the church.

George said...

Amen and AMEN to all the preceding comments.