Sunday, October 12, 2008

travels through Catholic blog land

  • I used to read Amy Wellborn's blog every day but it's changed so much that I only read it a couple of times a month now.

  • The guy who writes Whispers in the Loggia is maturing. He's not an enfant terrible anymore. He is still obsessed with the silly idea that the future of the church in America is Vietnamese or Mexican (hah!). If Rocky showed up at my local Vietnamese parish somebody would probably be upset. Two weeks ago Rocky and I walked into our parish church when the Charismatic Hispanic group was there. The looks we got were not the look of love. How are such segregated communites supposed to be the future?

  • The Cafeteria closed for business and it's replacement has apparently withered away.

  • The Anchoress blog has turned out to be awesome. I read it everyday without fail. Elizabeth Scalia is so smart and so gracious.

  • Steve Skojec is starting to worry me.

  • Rod Dreher makes my nose twitch. He's almost as bad as Mark Shea. I can't read him anymore.

  • New Liturgical Movement and Rorate Caeli are magnificent and deserve far more attention and praise than they get.

  • Thank goodness for Lair of the Catholic Cavemen.


Lynne said...

Yup! All of the above. I follow blogs purely by RSS feed and I don't follow Steve's anymore... I'm sure he means well but he seems a bit obsessed lately.

Athos said...

And Karen Hall, Gen @ Real Clear Religion, and, of course, that fellow at Chronicles of Atlantis with his decidedly unentertaining Dionysus Mandate.

Prima said...

Rorate Caeli would be OK if the commenters were respectful to the Holy Father. I find that alone turns me off.

Terry Nelson said...

I just discovered the Anchoress myself - she is great.

Mar Vista Mustang said...

I am genuinely surprised and so sorry to hear that you did not receive a "look of love" from the Latino charismatic group. Wow. Things must be different in Virginia. Those times we decide to go to the later Spanish-language service (in California), the attitude communicated is one of humble gratitude. It is overt gratitude, actually, as if the attendees of the Spanish-language service were trying to let it be known that they are happy that someone from outside their service knows they exist.

Thadeus said...

Since you've blogged since 2005, you probably already know her, but I find the "Historical Christian" blog by the newly wed Aimee Cooper to be very thoughtful. She is a recent graduate of the Augustine Institute in Denver.

Thanks for this update. I have been catching the waves of Catholic blog land for a few months now and have just happened onto yours. :)

LarryD said...

I recently found Dymphna's Road, and I like it very much. I'm adding you my catablogue and will be "following" you as well.