Monday, October 06, 2008

Fr. Francis Mary Stone

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for all our priests.

I've been thinking about Fr. Francis Mary Stone for days now. Oddly enough, a few minutes ago I saw posts on Fr. Joe's blog and Curt Jester that indicate that Fr. Francis Mary has made up his mind and has walked away from the priesthood for good.

But, but, thou art a priest forever...........


Sanctus Belle said...

He may say or think he has walked away forever, but as long as he lives he can come back. Many priests have gone astray for years and years and have returned to their priesthood by God's grace. We can never give up hope.

Holy orders changes a man permanently, like confirmation this sacrament leaves an indelible mark upon the soul which that soul will take with them to either heaven or hell. I've read that when God, His angels and his saints look from heaven upon a priest they are seen as different beings of a sort, they are priests, not seen simply as men, but set aside in a mysterious way. The priesthood is indeed the highest calling to all humans and above even the angels who do not have the power to say mass nor to forgive sins. O the power and dignity of the priesthood!

Christine said...

I posted an update on Fr. Francis

a thorn in the pew said...

This still makes me sad. I'm human.
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