Sunday, October 05, 2008

hysteria and noise

A woman came into the library where I work and was so freaked out about the economic situation that she's talking about retreating to the country and raising her own food. Do Americans have a genetic twitch that makes us more prone to hysteria? I'll bet this same woman was panicky about Swine Flu (remember that?), global cooling, and overpopulation back in the 80s. I wanted to smack her.

Instead I went to Mass and afterwords sat with Jesus for while. It was hard praying. All mortal flesh did not keep silent before the Blessed Sacramenmt. It seemed like every jolly soul who'd been dying to talk during Mass did so now. Men shot the breeze--- I have no problem with that, but the time and place was wrong, old women chortled and the ushers had a pow wow. A couple of chatting ladies headed my way so I started to get up from my knees and move. They assured me that I wasn't in their way and to carry on praying. Fr. Theoden had an idea that I was craving peace and quiet and gave a sympathetic smile as he glided by. Some days, some weekends are just grrr ...aaargh!


R J said...

When visiting the U.S.A. earlier this year, I was astonished at the screechingly hysterical coverage of the subprime mortgage collapse, which dominated the televised news bulletins to the exclusion of every other topic except Jeremiah Wright and the New York State Governor's downfall. Clearly the news networks' movers and shakers believed that (a) no economic crisis had ever happened to America before, (b) no economic crisis had ever happened anywhere else in the world.

Other countries than America have been gravely affected by the recent Wall Street shenanigans. Yet one would never gather this from watching American television.

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

It frightens me that wallstreet's "health" is contingent on something as nebulous as "consumer confidence."

I hear you on the noise in church, too. *sigh*


Remember the alar scare in the late 80's? It was the chemical put on apples to make the shiny.

I was working with a couple of people who threw all of the apples in the homes out - including just purchased bags -- because of the scare.

Then they learned you had to eat about a million of them to possibly get cancer.

Ah yes, we are a people who thrive on crisis'.