Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Big doings in the Arlington Diocese

This morning when I woke up the chirpy news gal on WGMS sang out that there was going to be something NEW at Mass in the Arlington diocese. My stomach clenched. What on earth….? Bishop Loverde (she mispronounced it to sound like LOW-VER-DEE) is going to allow altar girls and women servers. She was so happy I guess she's been itching to prance around on the altar for awhile now. I'm not thrilled about this but heck, it could be worse.

Something else has happened that wasn't given a big announcement. The bishop has decided to allow the Tridentine Mass at two churches. I'm delighted--- this is something I've hoped for and prayed for for a long time but Bishop Loverde hasn't impressed me much in the past (I still remember Fr. Haley ) and I feel a bit uneasy. Are these parishes in good financial shape? Are the pastors on the bishop's S list? I don’t want to get attached to the Mass and then have it pulled out from under me in a year's time.

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