Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday vigil

For the Sunday vigil we went to our backup church. I was agitated because we were running late and it was my fault. My hair appointment ran longer than I was expecting. Both my husband and I wanted to go to confession and at this church they shut the confessions down promply at 4:30 whether you're in line or not. We made it and while we were in line I feasted on the beauty of the church.

The light shining in through the stained glass over the altar made the santuary look like it was draped in gauze. Two old ladies were gossiping up front and they sounded remarkably like clucking guinea hens. Two huge altar boys loped by looking very serious. We ended up having four altar boys and they were all fantastic. Somebody at that church does a great job training them. The hard-eyed lady sacristan who doesn't like anyone who hasn't gone to that church for less than a year seemed cheerful for a change. In the back somebody was whispering the Hail Mary and a baby was sneezing. There were two priests hearing confessions and the lines were long. It's been a frazzled week but thanks to Jesus I finally found peace.


Greg said...

What parish is this? I might know of it..

Dymphna said...

It's St. Rita's in Alexandria. They have two very fine priests.

Greg said...

Never heard of it, but it sounds nice. I declare, one dayu I just want to go up there and visit a whole mes of parishes. So many are so nice and the ones that aren't picture perfect could be made very good with a little work.