Saturday, June 24, 2006

The feast of the Sacred Heart

Last night my husband and I went to a sung Latin Mass at our back up parish in the suburbs. Fr. Aragorn (that's what we call him) really knows his Latin. He didn't mutter or slur his words. I appreciated that. The schola from (I think) St. Mary's in DC came to sing and they had the A team of altar boys and even the cantor sang better than usual.

I saw several young ladies with mantillas on. Mine was accidentally left in the car so I threw on the scarf that I had in my bag. Rocky looked at me and asked if I wanted him to run back to the car to get it because he knows I don't feel right being uncovered in church anymore. It looked like it was about to storm so I told him not to bother. Mass itself was beautiful and was marred only by the inconsiderate EWTN wannabe commentator sitting behind me.

This man gave a running explanation of what was going on through most of the Mass to the person sitting with him. He let his son kick the back of our pew and the tyke's little fingers got into my hair twice. I guess the little guy was standing on the kneeler trying to get a better look but the first time I felt those fingers in my hair I just about jumped out of the pew from shock. I did not offer the man the sign of peace (why be a hypocrite?) and I did not go to Communion.

Fr. Aragorn preached a homily that moved me to tears and after Mass the Blessed Sacrament was exposed. Fr. Theoden gave an impressive benediction homily and there was Confession (yeah, I went) until 10:45.


Christine said...

I find it amazing that people take their kids to mass to teach them 'the right thing' but don't doing anything to teach them how to behave in mass.

Many of them refuse to use the cry room...go figure.

M. Alexander said...

To defend little ones in Church, sometimes they accidentally get their hands on my hair when I'm sitting in front of them. When that happens to me I just smile at them. They usually feel worse than I do about it and they try to be careful. There's no excuse for being allowed to kick the pew however ;).

I'm confused about why there was a sign of peace during a Latin high Mass? Was this the Novus Ordo in Latin? Or an add on?

Screwtape said...


Where I go to Mass, the whole room is the crying room, unless they want to use the halls of the Crystal Inn Hotel.

That's how bad it can get when the SSPX can't afford a chapel.

As for M. Alexander and the "sign of peace": it was either a Novus Ordure in Latin (highly unlikely unless you were in . . . uh, highly unlikely.

It was probably an Indult Mass. If so, this is why the SSPX comes as close to forbidding it as they can. The priest is left on his own, without rubrics, to do anything he wants to do. He can even put a red ball on his nose and make his entrance in a kiddy cart.

Dymphna said...

It was a Novus Ordo Latin but it's the best possible NO Mass you're going to find in my part of Virginia.

Maura said...

Hi, where was this Novus Ordo? I am tryting to find out all the good spots... thanks. Maura

Dymphna said...

Maura, can you e-mail me? I'll send you the name of the church.

Petrus said...

M. Alexander: there is a sign of peace in the traditional rite, but its given from the celebrant to the deacon, who bears it to the sub-deacon and the rest of the clergy.

The first time I ever saw it was at the Tridentine High Mass on Feast of the Assumption in Camden, NJ. Its really very beautifully done. It also has a very specific rubric attached to it - its not a handshake and slap on the back.

I have a Saint Andrew Daily Missal from 1962 that indicates that the sign of peace comes after the Agnus Dei.