Friday, June 16, 2006

Thanks for nothing

US bishops want to give citizenship to all illegal immigrants. They have nothing to say about the rampant homosexuality in the ranks, nothing to say about the stunning lack of reverence in our churches, nothing to say about the average Catholic's remarkable ignorance about the Faith but they can call for the wholesale cheapening of American citizenship and for completely screwing working class and poor Americans. As Obi Wan sarcastically said to Anakin after they were both captured by the termite people, " Good Job!"


Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

On one of the 'fruits' of Vatican II --

Ecumenism seems to mean taking something pure and strong, mixing it up with something weak and polluted, slashing it about, watching the churches empty and then congratulating yourself on your progress." - Anna Haycraft

Dymphna said...

Anna Haycraft was awesome. She was a true English grand lady. I read her book, God Has Not Changed and was so inspired.

Screwtape said...


I'm glad you found Anna Haycraft (Alice Thomas Ellis). That book you mentioned, published posthumously, is one of the best she ever wrote. Her novels are fascinating and, in my view, and that of many others, she wrote first rate prose. I hope I'm not repeating myself, but her former publisher once noted that in all her works she evokes a sense of "chaos and old night." Or to borrow from Dylan Thomas, "web-footed men, wheezing in caves."

A good place to start is with her first novel, "The Sin Eater."

Along with Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene, she's among my favorite 20th Century novelists.

It is interesting that you use her original name, rather than her pen name. Don't do that when you recommend her to others, they might never find her books.

I didn't find the name until I read her obituary.

I suppose, in a perverse way, you could say that she was "one of the fruits of Vatican II," just as you could say that Solzhenitsyn was "one of the fruits" of the GULAG Archipelago.

Screwtape said...

P.S. Dymphna and VSC:

If you can read Alice Thomas Ellis with profit, you are on the right road, indeed.

VSC, that is a supper quotation. It could have come from either of her two books on the Church. Again, in danger of repeating myself, the peroration of "The Serpent on the Rock" is worth the price of the whole book. Not being British, I think I missed a lot of the "nuances" in the other part of the book, but there are some very funny "examples" she ran across.

Maybe I shouldn't mention it, but from her pictures alone, I find her very scary and very sexy at the same time. What she would have been like to live with is quite unimaginable.

I hope her children fully appreciate her and what she accomplished.

Again, forgive me, but I must say she had more cojones than any man I've ever met.

It is too bad, in a way, that she smoked like a fiend. Well, I smoke a pipe and I wouldn't give it up for a few years at the end, so I think I understand. Who knows, without that cigarette hanging from her mouth we may never have had the luxury of indulging in her marvelous talents.