Friday, September 01, 2006

a cautionary tale

Way back in the 60s a wonder drug came out of Europe. It eliminated morning sickness. American women clamored for it. The FDA decided to study the drug before allowing it in the US. The drug manufacturers harassed the woman doctor who was in charge of the study. Women grumbled and moaned about why the dumb old FDA was taking so long with the study after all it was being used in Europe and everybody knows the Europeans are smarter than us.

Some rich women decided that their morning sickness was just too much to bear so they got on a plane and went overseas to purchase the drug. And then after testing the drug the doctor decided that it was way too dangerous to use. Just as she discovered this many European women who took thalidomide gave birth to horribly deformed children. America was spared this tragedy because Dr.Frances Oldham Kelsey refused to be cowed by the drug manufacturers. President John F. Kennedy gave her a medal for her work.

Today we have Plan B, the emergency over the counter contraceptive. The FDA has approved it and I suspect that this drug is not only sinful (it’s an abortion drug after all) but it's going to turn out to be another health disaster. Besides that it will surely be a boon to swinish men, rapists and child molesters. What'sto stop a man from going to the drug store, buying a supply and forcing his willing or unwilling sex partners to consume it before he allows them to leave? This is an ugly, ugly thing. God help us.