Monday, September 18, 2006

random thoughts on Monday night.

  1. What in the world….. My husband and I visited this church a few weeks ago. I'm sorry for the parishioners. It must be very shocking to find out that your pastor is a pervert.

  2. After reading this I'm seriously thinking about going back to receiving communion on the tongue.

  3. I went to Adoration tonight at St. Mathew's Cathedral. It was wonderful kneeling before the Lord and it is always great to be able to go to confession. Fr. Caulfield is an excellent confessor and he has a good heart.

  4. Pray for the safety and health of the Pope. Pray for our priests, pray for the conversion of sinners.


Christine said...

I did go back to receiving on the tongue and I am glad I did.
I feel like I am showing more reverence for the Body of Christ.

Lynne said...

Me too.

Dymphna said...

I've decided I'm going to do it. When I was a girl I only recieved on the tounge and then we got a new priest who only gave the Host to you in the hand. After that I got out of the practice.

Anonymous said...

I receive on my hand, and as we were taught in our Parish, take one step to the left but remain facing the Altar. This allows a moment to take the Blessed Sacrament and also let the next person in line move forward to receive.
I then check carefully for any fragments on my hand, and must say that I only see them infrequently. Of course, if there are any, I consume those as well.
It only takes an extra moment to check and be sure.

Anonymous said...

Or you can step to the right if that's the line you are in! Am I a creature of habit about always sitting on the left? Yes!