Friday, September 15, 2006

random thoughts on a thursday night

  1. I felt sad after reading this suspicious reaction on Mary Alexander's blog to the institution of a new traditional order made up of former SSPX priests and seminarians. I get the impression that some people really don’t want things in the church to get better. They would rather sit on a hill and criticize how the spiritual battle is going than get down on the ground and fight.

  2. Good news from my diocese.

  3. The Pope's parents met through a personal ad so don’t be ashamed to go to Ave Maria singles or Catholic Match if you need to.

  4. I think America might be too soft and weak at heart to really fight a war on terror. A lot of people thought Iraq was going to be as easy as when Bill Clinto bombed Serbia. But dropping bombs on a village is a cakewalk comapred to actually being on the ground with guerilla fighters. Strange how few people seemed to realize that.

  5. Say a rosary for your parish priest this week. If he's a good guy he needs it. If he's not such a good guy then he needs it even more.