Saturday, October 21, 2006

bad nights in a bad inn

I had to go back to New York City on business again. Everything job related and after hours went well. I went to Confession and Mass at St. Francis and prayed at St. John the Baptist. The hotel itself was a nightmare. Bungled reservations, rude service, incompetence on every level and no-one cleaned my room the whole time I was there. To paraphrase St. Teresa it was a bad (couple of nights) at a bad inn. I will never stay in that place again. Next time I'll go to the Hotel Wolcott or the Marriot Marquis. Ususally when Rocky and I go to NYC we stay at the Travel Inn, which is great (Especially if you drive. They do not charge you to park your car in their garage) but if I'm alone I want a hotel that's close my company's NY office. The train trip was lovely as usual.

Thank you St. Christopher, St. Dymphna, St.Therese and St. Francis for getting me there and back again in one piece and relatively sane.