Wednesday, October 04, 2006

random thoughts on a wednesday night

1. I wish Rosie O'Donnel would go back under whatever rock she was hibernating under. I'm sorry her mother died when she was young. Lord, knows I suffered when my father died when I was 13 but that's no excuse for her to be such a phenomenal jerk now.

2. I wish Madonna would go away forever. She's apparently just adopted an African baby. I'm really sick of these celebrities adopting kids for publicity as if the children were Pugs or Pekes. A human being deserves something better than being an accessory for a bubble headed singer or actor. We certainly have come a long way from the days when a bishop refused to let Elizabeth Taylor adopt a baby from a Catholic orphanage in the 50s. The good bishop stated flatly that he couldn't send a child into the home of a public adulteress, which is what Liz was at the time.

3. Ever notice that when criminals get caught they try to excuse their behavior by claiming to have been abused or of having an addiction?

4. If you're in DC on the third Monday in October stop by St. Matthew's Cathedral for Eucharistic Adoration led by Fr. Caulfield.

5. I'm reading The Murky Water's of Vatican II. It's not a very readable book and I can't say that I'm enjoying it one bit.

6. This may tick off any female readers---- sorry--- but Catholics really need to reevaluate the way many of us use NFP. It was never intended to be long term birth control and should be used for serious reasons only. If your doctor tells you that you will turn into Andrea Yates if you have another baby then NFP or a Josephite marriage is perfectly acceptable provided your husband is willing to go along. Not wanting to have a waist bigger than 17 inches is NOT a valid reason. So many women fear pregnancy as if it's some sort of dread disease. My grandmother had three children and was a farmer's wife. She lived way back in the country with no air conditioning, no washing machine, a wood burning stove, no indoor plumbing and no microwave. She cooked, sewed, cleaned, chopped wood, raised animals, grew a garden and had a part time job as a restaurant cook and being pregnant didn't slow her down.
Other women simply fear having a bunch of kids but because of the STD scourge and waiting so long to get married many women are infertile anyway. You probably couldn't have 16 kids even if you desperately wanted to. Trust God. He knows what you need and He knows what you can handle.

7. I just bought the New Testament volume of the Navarre Bible. It's an incredible study source. It is not cheap ($45) but it was well worth it. My husband has started reading it for the commentary sections before going to his bible class each week.

8. Say a rosary for our priests. The good ones need it. The bad ones need it even more.

9. Pray for the Pope.


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Christine said...

"Ever notice that when criminals get caught they try to excuse their behavior by claiming to have been abused or of having an addiction?"

It is a built-in excuse to avoid taking any responsibility for their actions.

I am constantly torn by this, because I certainly feel for the people who really have been abused...but I see too many people using it as an excuse, or perhaps claiming they were abused when they weren't.