Friday, October 27, 2006

Michael J. Fox

I'm shedding no tears for Michael J. Fox. He's been, whether he realizes it or not, hightly blessed. He's rich, he has a wife who is apparently content to be his wife and who stays out of the tabloids. He has two children I think, and even with Parkinsons he lives a life of luxury that the average American can only dream about it. I'm sorry he's sick but so are a lot of people and they aren't avocating slaughtering innocents.


Andy Nowicki said...

Dymphna, Amen! See my comments over at my blog on this same matter.

randy singer said...

you are crazy,

fox would probably trade in his luxury to be healthy.


Carolina Cannonball said...

randy, we may never know. However since he has decided to go public his disease he has an obligation to learn all his facts on stem cell research before agreeing to me made the dems puppet.

Embryonic stem research has never cured a sole & is now being linked to cancer.

Adult stem research is the only research that has resulted in cures & does not destroy life & promote human harvesting.

MJF needs to learn the difference & promote the one & not lump the 2 together & spout off saying all repubs against ALL stem cell research. Many do back Adult stem cell research.

He is using his posistion to mislead the public.