Wednesday, December 13, 2006

random thoughts for a wednesday night

  • I love Monday night Mass at my church. Usually there's no music and no sign of peace. It's a smaller crowd and somehow more homey.

  • After reading Rocco Palmo's blog (just for giggles) and seeing his Guadalupe post I was left wondering if this guy is for real. Does he honestly believe the stuff he writes or is he just putting us all on?

  • Yesterday I came across a cradle Catholic who went to 12 years of Catholic schools who swore she never heard of Holy Days of Obligation until she was an adult. I think her parents should sue the diocese for their tuition money back.

  • This is a really great site.

  • Gerald of the Cafeteria is Closed blog got married. His lovely bride looked glorious and it was quite refreshing to see a bride who didn't have most of her cleavage exploding out of her dress. I'll be so glad when that immodest fad is finally over.