Sunday, December 03, 2006

something decent from Bishop Loverde

I'll be blunt. Bishop Loverde is my bishop and I'm not overly impressed by his leadership or treatment of his priests but I'll give credit where it's due. He recently released a pastoral letter on pornography and it's worth reading. In America people spend more money on porn than on football, baseball, and basketball combined. That's an ocean of filth washing over us every day.

And it's not just hard core porn either, a lot of men wink at the problem by buying "swimsuit" or cheesecake mags. They claim they aren't supporting real pornography because although the girl in the picture is naked she's covered by a piece of fabric or feathers. Bull shit.

A lot of women blithely contribute to the porn industry too. Those "erotic" romance novels are just as bad as Playboy. Those women's magazines like Cosmopolitan, Marie Clare and Jane are huge occasions for sin. They endlessly promote mindless sex, abortion and try to make being a low down skank some kind of admirble thing.

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