Friday, December 22, 2006

random thoughts for a Friday night

  • I've been running around, finishing up work so I could go home for Christmas vacation, delivering gifts and cards and making a half hearted attempt at cleaning up the sty--- I mean the living room. We don't have a tree yet which isn't bad because I hadn't planned to put one up until Christmas Eve anyway but so far every place I've contacted has sold out of the trees I want.

  • I went to church on Wednesday to say a rosary for my co-worker and was annoyed as all get out by my fellow parishioners. About four or five people stared at me like they've never seen a black Catholic before. I usually laugh this off but it really got me this time. I mentioned it to a priest and bless his heart, he told me that perhaps those silly people are staring because I'm beautiful. Aw shucks, that was sweet.

  • According to The Cafeteria is Closed and Whispers in the Loggia retired Bishop Gumbleton has finally been told to sit down and shut up. That's great but what about all the souls he's messed up over all these years?

  • I wish Virgil Goode was my Congressman instead of that wretch, Jim Moran.

  • I got a lovely Christmas e-mail from the Sisters of Carmel in Colorado. They made my husband's rosary and I got my Holy Face medal from them.