Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Christopher Hitchens

Fr. Rutler rocks!

You what's wrong with Christopher Hitchens? I mean besides his drinking? I suspect that when he was a little boy somebody let him down. Maybe his parents didn't love him enough. Maybe he didn't get the pony he prayed for. Maybe the first girl he got a crush on broke his heart. At any rate he's mad with God and is having a tantrum in public. Sometimes the tantrum is pathetic. Sometimes it's just ridiculous but it's always ugly as you'll see after reading this exchange between poor Hitchens and the awesome Fr. Rutler, who thinks Hitchens will one day either pull out of his pity party and become Catholic or die a madman. My bet is on madman right now but miracles happen. Look at Ratisbone and St. Augustine.

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Terry Nelson said...

I was impressed with Fr. Rutler's comments. Hitchens is a very unhappy man.