Saturday, September 08, 2007

Give Fr. a break

On another blog, sorry I can't remeber which-- someone remarked that it's a shame that parishes were closed on Labor Day and glumly noted that the priesthood has become too much like a regular job. Well, in defense of priests everywhere I have to say that it's not Father's fault. Unless he's a tough old dude who's been there for 20 years or a bright, young fearless lad most parishes are run by grisled, bitter lesbians or grouchy church ladies in polyesther stretch pants. They run the office. They decide if your issue is worth calling Father. They make bad enemies. They write long letters to the bishop and get answered. They would be as fierce as harpies if Fr. dared to suggest that they work on a holiday. It's a rare man who wants to face down angry women.

My parish is blessed with high testosterone and no nonsense young priests so the church was open on Labor Day and Mass went on as usual but again, my pastor is a saint and the parochial vicar is as brave as Aragorn. How many parishes have that?