Thursday, September 20, 2007

Even lone wolves get the blues

I've always been something of a lone wolf. My husband, Rocky sometimes refers to me as his shy woodland creature. Last weekend there was an announcement that our parish is going to start a women's group. It's going to be for married women who are mothers. That upset me. The parish already has a mother's group and I felt stung to the core of my soul that I can't join because I've never had a successful pregnancy. I brooded and wrote a letter to the head of the group. She wrote back and said I can join and if there's anyone else in my situation in the parish they can join too.

Now I'm not so sure I want to join. I resented feeling cut out of the heard but on some level I'd rather run free byself. My moods are like quicksilver sometimes but I'm glad I wrote that letter.


Coffee Catholic said...

I know how you feel, though. It sometimes feels like stuff revolves around married women with kids. What about the rest of us? And even though you have been invited to join it probably feels like, "I had to beg to get in and that has cheapened everything!"

Anonymous said...

there are quite a lot of single women or married without children at the Parish mothers group..that said i don't go!

Lynne said...

I'm a loner too, I feel drawn to groups yet feel trapped by the schedule once the meetings begin.

What attracted you to group or did you just want to join a group? It was nice that the head of the group said you could join but I'm thinking the meetings may either annoy or sadden you because the fact that they are mothers will keep coming up. Perhaps not though so I think you should attend a meeting or two.

I always get annoyed when those Theology on Tap things start up, "for people in their 20s and 30s".


Just because I'm in my 50s doesn't mean I won't find the topic interesting. Age discrimination!

Dymphna said...

The first meeting was this weekend. I didn't go, mainly because I was too busy. I was attracted to the group because I was hoping for a chance to interact with serious Catholic women for prayer, the rosary and good works. I don't want--- well, I can't tolerate a group where everyone's just complaining about their husbands or bragging about their kids, or forming cliques like something out of high school.
I will attend next month's meeting but I already know if there's going to be an emphasis on talking about the kids I won't be able to stand it.

elena maria vidal said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've been there.

Benedicamus said...

I am also married without kids (but hoping for the kids, God willing). I can be a bit of a homebody, but I've really tried to become more involved in my parish Women's Society. It is hard sometimes to make room in my schedule- and I surely don't agree with every woman there, theology-wise- but I have grown to appreciate the connections to the women of the parish that I am meeting. Now, after Mass, I actually know people, something that is new to me (I've moved various towns and parishes over the past few years). And what better way to introduce great devotions or practices (Divine Mercy Chaplet, The Scapular, Pro-life activities, etc.) than becoming active and doing it yourself?
My advice- go once, without promising that you'll make it every time. But do try to go once. If it's not your cup of tea, then that's ok- but if it is, it can be beneficial!