Sunday, June 29, 2008

sally quinn

I've never thought much of Washington Post, journalist Sally Quinn, other than that she certainly married well. At Tim Rusert's funeral she took Communion. She's not Catholic. I'm not sure what denomination she is or even if she's Christian at all. It was wrong of her to do this of course, but how many unworthy Catholics got into that Communion line as well?

I'll bet that most of the Catholics Sally Quinn knows are the go along and get along type who find Fr. Corapi embarrasing , mock their own devout grandmother's devotions in public and would no more go to Eucharistic Adoration than they would attend a square dance.

When we Catholics don't act right we make a statement to the world. Many of us behave as if we really don't care that the Host is Jesus Himself so why should non Catholics?

How many contracepting Catholics proudly take Holy Communion?
How many Catholic Obama supporters take Communion?
How many co-habiting Catholics take Communion?
How many Catholics "married" only civily take Communion?
How many Catholics who haven't been to Confession in years take Communion?
How many Catholics who only go to Mass on Easter, Ash Wednesday and Christmas go up for Communion?
How many single and fornicating Catholics take Communion without so much as a second thought?

Again, my opinion of Sally Quinn has never been very high but we Catholics need to get our acts together.


Kit Brookside said...

I wonder how many CCD'd Catholics even know what Eucharistic Adoration is! (Seriously.)

a thorn in the pew said...

Didn't Bill Clinton take communion at the National Cathedral once? Or more? And Hillary?

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

reasons more why we need the SSPX Bishops to take the place of these spineless ones we have here.

We really do need to hire Liturgical Policemen.

Festes said...

I am CATHOLIC and BELIEVE in GOD and HEAVEN & HELL.I take HOLY COMMUNION every sunday at MASS.I always make sure that my SOUL is in a state of MORTAL SIN before i receive by CURSING JESUS CHRIST just before i go and receive it.That is to make sure that i COMMITT a SACRILEGEIOUS SIN every sunday.Check my blog at for more about my SINS..Leave your comments.Would love to read them...

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"How many Catholic Obama supporters take Communion?"

Catholic what supporters?

What kind of Obama supporters?

Wait ... Catholic Obama supporters ... does such a thing exist?