Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I was reading Angelqueen today and came across a conversation on whether young Catholic women should go to college. Most folks thought not. Apparently education turns Catholic girls into sluts/feminists and/or Protestants. It also apparently drives them from motherhood. What silliness. Now not everybody needs to go to college. I don't have a BA and I've done okay. I'm not sure I want one either but suppose I had the right mind to be a lawyer or a doctor and had been thrawted? That woud've been a tragedy. I have a Great Aunt who is a genius. She never got to go to college because she was a poor girl and because it was the segregation era. There is so much she could've done and never got the chance. St. Teresa of Avila was no dummy. St. Getrude, the Great was an educated woman. St. Gianna was a doctor. If you think these ladies were less than good Catholics you need to take that argument up with God and see how far you get.

Every forum has it's share of cranks but I was really shocked at the Angelqueen folks this time. They came off more like fundamentalist Muslims than American Catholics. I'm genuinely disgusted.