Sunday, December 13, 2009

four odd things about me---

I can't stand sitting with my back to the door in restaurants. I'm intensely disturbed by the idea sititng in the middle of the dinning area too. Rocky sometimes calls my his little Wild Bill Hickcock.

If you give me most forms of bread I'll eat the inside but never, ever the crust. Rocky eats that.

I misplaced my cell phone in my own bedroom and had to go find my glasses-- also misplaced in order to see well enough to find the phone. This excercise took about an hour.

I fantasize about buying a farmette, raising my very own hog and taking him to pig shows.


Anita Moore said...

Speaking of glasses, my great-aunt once launched a family-wide manhunt for her glasses...and it was half an hour before anybody notice they were sitting right on top of her head.

Dymphna said...

Ah yes, the glasses on the head... I've done that.