Tuesday, December 22, 2009

King of Kings--- my favorite scene

In the 1927 Cecile B. DeMille produced King of Kings. I think it's better than the remake in the 60s. It has a few flaws of course. The scrouging and crucifixion are too neat and clean. There is barely are scratch on Jesus. He just looks tired and sad. The actor playing Jesus is too old at first glance but he's magnificent. The actress playing Mary is wonderful but a bit too young next to Jesus. I liked how it shows Judas constantly, slyly causing trouble. He's so slick and polished that it's a huge moment when Peter looks at him with shock because he's slipped and shown his true heart.

I loved how Mary doesnt' seem the least bit alarmed when two dirty and ragged little children show up at her window wanting to see Jesus. She takes the girl in her arms and brings her to Jesus. DeMille showed an excellent little theological moment there.


Anita Moore said...

Okay...I bawled through the whole thing, especially the scene with the Blessed Mother and the little girl. What a beautiful summation of exactly what she does, and why we love her.

Oh, for a return to the days when Hollywood respected the religious beliefs of its audience, instead of mocking and trashing them! Is there any other industry, besides the media and entertainment, where the customer is always WRONG?

Sanctus Belle said...

I watched that entire clip - just beautiful. Thank you so much Dymphna for posting it.

By the way - one of my daughters just chose St. Dymphna for her confirmation saint! I have no idea why, except that she one of those princess like girls...:)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Christ is portrayed by the great Hollywood character actor E.B.Warner, who played the old druggist, Mr Gower in "Its a wonderful Life'

Susan said...

I bet those kids were Catholic. Mary certainly wouldn't have anything to do with kids who didn't believe everything you believe exactly as you believe it!