Friday, December 11, 2009

While America is obsessed with Tiger Wood's sex life, (prurient interest is a sin, I think); deadly serious things are happening in the world that could very well get a lot of us killed. It's barely been reported but five young Muslims from Northern Virginia were caught in Pakistan. They went for jihad. These miserable slugs all lived in my town. All came from comfortable homes.
One of these guys was studying medicine at Howard Univerisity, the school my brother-in-law graduated from. All of them were said to be devout, quiet and "nice" guys, as pleasant and peaceful as lambs. They went to a mosque that is less than ten miles from my home. These wannabe jihadis walked my streets, took the local bus, drove on the same roads as I and my family and friends, and they went to work and the mall like nomal people.
They smiled and seemed so normal and all the time they were burning with hate. All the time they were dreaming of killing Americans.

When is this country going to wake up? Why do we allow immigration from certain countries? They were caught this time but will we be as blessed next time?


Kindred Spirit said...

Dymphna, I used to live in the City of Fairfax in the 1990's. I stopped taking my children to the park there when I realized one day that we were the only non-Moslems there in the midst of over a hundred Moslems gathered together on a Summer afternoon praying toward Mecca. I felt as though we were in UAE instead of the USA. AS you know, Northern VA is well-populated with Moslems, and only a short distance from the White House at that. May Our Lady protect us all.

Dymphna said...

Oh Kindred the Moslem population is even bigger now. And we've just had an influx of Somali refugees. The men seem very uncomfortable and angry all the time.

Lynne said...

I don't know which is more dangerous, the Islamists or the Sodomites...

Gateway Pundit story on Jennings

Hot Air story on Jennings

Sanctus Belle said...

I live in an area with a rather large Somali immigrant population, two big issues immediately come to my mind:

1. Violence in the schools has SOARED and 90% of the perpetrators are Somali boys

2. I have not seen ONE woman from Somalia who is NOT a victim of female genital mutilation. NOT ONE.

Think about that why dontcha??

Susan said...

Another excellent example of love thy neighbor! Jesus is proud.