Saturday, January 01, 2011

Help the Christians

The Arabs call the founding of modern Israel the Nakba, "the catastrophe,". I won't get into that but in the last 60 years the Christian presence in Israel has gone from 18% to 2%. That's a catastrophic collaspe of population and Christians are being hard pressed not only in Israel but in the whole Middle East. The Vatican estimates that there may be just 17 million left in the whole Middle East. I expect nothing from the politicians but I find it shocking how so few American Christians seem to care about the fate of our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land and the Middle East. It's almost like they're ashamed to mention the Christians. The respones to the recent attack in Egypt has been pitiful. The beleagured Christians there know that they are on their own. What a shame.


Lola said...

I was so blessed to grow up in a town which had a large Lebanese population.

The food alone at church picnics...

The Christian persecution is barely a blip on the MSM. And recently a "Messianic" aquaintance just returned from Isreal and said they couldn't visit Bethleham because it is now too dangerous. The one town that used to be 80% Christian is less than 20%. You can only visit in armored vehicles.

I think we're just shell-shocked.
What can we do?

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I for one, just linked here:

Sorry for NOT linking a clickable link, but in this library the computer lets an equal sign come out as a hyphen, even when I copy it (some Rotary minded librarian playing around as admin for internet providing service I am using) and I cannot thus make the link clickable.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Same link now clickable.