Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random thoughts as a migraine comes storming in

  • Lately, reading Fr. Z's blog been a bit of an awkward experience. It was particularly disturbing last month. I'm trying to be subtle here but I really wish he'd drop that donation button. If people want to send him stuff that's cool but ASKING for specific items seems...

  • A married Australian woman had an abortion because she was carrying twin boys and she wanted a girl. She and her wretched husband are planning on trying for a girl again. Since she used IVF to get pregnant there's no telling how many precious lives were destroyed so that these people can have what they want. When I think of the child I lost a few years ago I find myself wishing that this horrible female is struck barren instead.
  • If a man committed murder you'd say how horrible that was. If a woman gets an abortion most people pity her. That's peculiar.

  • Have you ever noticed that when people start gassing on about civility what they really mean is "Shut up and do as I say,?"

  • I hope that one day the craze of candlelight vigils, pep rally memorials teddy bear shrines for adults goes out of style.

  • Remember the 80s when everybody loved the Taliban because they were fighting the Russians? In retrospect, we should've minded our own business.

  • Trust Pope Benedict. We don't understand everything. Some things may be head scratchers but trust in our shepherd. He has been given to us by God.

  • If Catholics would just ignore Fr. Cutie he'll go away. Let him peddle his book to the Protestants. He demands attention. Don't give it to him.
    May God have mercy on him and may the poor man recover his vocation and senses.


Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

"...Trust Pope Benedict. We don't understand everything. Some things may be head scratchers but trust in our shepherd. He has been given to us by God..."

"Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the anti-Christ"

The Mother of Christ, the Dispenser of Divine Graces, Queen of Heaven, Rosa Mystica.

I trust what she says.


Sean said...

Lord have mercy on the Australian woman's soul. I thought culture had me completely numb. This makes me want to close my eyes.

I have noticed what you say about civility rants. A lot of times, actually, though not every time.

Thank you for sharing these. Check out my blog at

editor said...

I have the same concern about Father Z's blog..

Since I spent 20 years away from the church as a Protestant..I have no problem believing Pope Benedict has been given to us by God. I saw first hand what it's like to have everyone do "their own thing". It's not good.

I trust Holy Mother Church.


Joseph Therese said...


hank_F_M said...


I hope that migrane stroms out just as quickly.

God bless

scotju said...

Dymphna, what's the name of that painting with the fat priest called?

Terry Nelson said...

I have always had the same concern about Fr. Z and I have always posted about it since I began blogging.

Dymphna said...

Scotju, I don't know the name but it's by Botero, a Spaniard. I love this one because it reminds me of a dear priest I used to know.

Keystone said...

Random thoughts back at ya....

New here, so I thought I would bring along your patron saint for the moment, St. Gemma Galgani.
An entire website is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Headaches and Migraines. Check her out:

I finally found Fr. Z., but have read too little so far to draw a conclusion. Time will tell.

My children and I have quietly held funeral services, with flowers, and in a Ziploc bag, Bible readings, baby pictures, and hand written notes to the moms.

Our services are conducted privately at the dumpster behind the clinic where the aborted children end up. The Ziploc'd items are tucked under the flower display, for the next baby-batch-thrower to view.
Nothing I have said, nor any protest or vigil has had a more powerful effect on my children.
I suspect this is true of the clinic staff too.

"Civil engineer" was dropped as a course at many colleges, around the time co-ed dorms came into vogue. If you screech your nails down a chalkboard and make a horrendous sound, it is done vertically. Do the same motion horizontally, drawing all things by scaping your nails toward you, is a sign in American Sign Language. The word for that sign is "selfish".
I suspect the link of civility and selfish is stronger than previously thought possible.

Speaking of crazes that need to go out of style, simply Google hot chicks smiling at ground zero, and witness the numerous females with an urge to stand and smile at the sacred resting grounds of almost 3,000 souls. I can't relate to coming to NYC and doing this deed.

The Taliban support by us was designed to drive up death of Russians and destroy their economy.
The USSR ended shortly after, and broke up into the CIS.
Now, it is our turn to get out, or repeat the mistake and watch the USA become splintered into 50 economies. The USSR never thought it could happen to them either.

It is right and just to trust what God has given us, Pope Benedict XVI. God has also given us Fr. Z. and Father Cutie.
For now, trust ALL that God has given us.

"He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you:
to do justice, to love kindness,
And to walk humbly with your God"
---Micah 6:8

I pray to Saint Gemma Galgani, and to Jesus Christ, that you are healed of headache forever.

Dominos vobiscum.

scotju said...

Dymphna, wikpedia has an article about Botero. It also has a link to some of his paintings. One of them is a reclining nun.

Keystone said...

I have now read Fr. Z, sadly

The minutia of Fr. Z's posts does not bother me. If you want to post on the dramatics of using one space after a period, or two, and draw over 90 comments on that alone, then one day, the Lord will hold his direct shepherds in authority position, to a very high standard.

The various posts, appear to be a return to years before the Reformation, and a selling of indulgences....not to gain heaven with cash, but to aid the shepherd's personal life. His bishop should be alerted to the travesty written.

Indeed, in a series of reading over 150 comments on a few posts, I saw the word "Christ" twice total.
One was a salutation ending "In Christ", and the other did not refer to Jesus, but rather, the "Vicar of Christ".
Christ is not high on this man's list, but Summorum Pontificum is a bee's nest in his underwear.

Wikipedia is a better source on the topic, as Fr.Z, blatantly calls his commentors "DUMB" for what they write, and demands a retest with strict guidelines to conform to, as he seems to desire a compendium of complemetary thought to himself...OR ELSE!

I was pleased to see the Wikepedia article, include "Bishop's reaction." (see Wikipedia on Summorum Pontificum, and scroll to the base area. Bishop Donald Trautman is quoted with concerns for priests using the 1962 Missal, as they are first, overloaded now, fewer in number, and must know the proper Latin to do a proper Mass.)

Trautman will retire next June 24th at age 75. PBXVI doctrinal paper will hardly be implemented by then. But Trautman and I had a delightful conversation after Christmas Eve Mass, 2010, last month. In 2009, I left him alone as he looked overwhelmingly tired, nay, exhausted to the core.

Homeland Security Tom Ridge was invited to speak years prior, at a local Catholic University. Ridge is catholic, but has no problem with abortion. The bishop not only publicly took Ridge to task on that, he refused the Catholic University to allow Ridge to even speak. Ridge had been a PA Governor. Trautman required adherance for credibility. He shook the diocese up by shutting down a home boy grown tall globally.

After last Christmas, Midnight Mass, we talked. His miter was still on, his staff in hand, and I told him, his final Christmas Eve homily was his finest. I added "Dominos Vobiscum" and he lit like the Star of Bethlehem.
It was apparent that the old vernacular had a great appeal to Bishop Trautman.
His reservations are spelled out in the Wiki link.

When I contrast him with Fr. Z, my stomach queezed. Fr.Z's current post is a deplorable way to refer to vessels, and jars of clay holding the Redeemer and Light of the World within their souls.

Mr. Nelson, above, says he has posted on Fr.Z. But the Muggeridge quote used by Nelson on his blog, pretty much describes this priest. I took the quote from Abbey Road, as it is most applicable here:

Malcom Muggeridge
“Accumulating knowledge is a form of avarice and lends itself to another version of the Midas story. Man is so avid for knowledge that everything he touches turns to facts; HIS FAITH BECOMES THEOLOGY, his love becomes lechery, his wisdom becomes science. PURSUING MEANING, HE IGNORES TRUTH.”
- Firing Line interview 9/6/80

The lines in capital letters are my emphasis. They succinctly describe Fr. Z, better than I can.
No one should read his blog, for we are held accountable for the use of our talents. One talent we all have is time. How do you spend it? Any time invested reading Fr. Z, is time not spent in the Word, edifying the Body of Christ, or giving glory to God in any form.

Don't go there. The only winner is satan. Z gives offense; John Bevere wrote "The Bait of Satan" and the bait is getting believers to take offense. Unity breaks down.

James 4:7 is succinct on two steps:
"Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you". Fr. Z may use one, or two, spaces after James period.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"Trust Pope Benedict. We don't understand everything. Some things may be head scratchers but trust in our shepherd. He has been given to us by God."

I would not say that after 1994 - or, as in my case, after becoming aware to what he did back 1993 and 94.

Condemning "Fundamentalist Bible Reading" as head of "Congregation of Faith" was an act of apostasy, prior to supposed election in 2005.