Thursday, January 06, 2011

Painted babies in the public eye

The Anchoress is upset because French Vogue used little girls as models in the December issue. One of the commenters mourned that humanity is dying. That's hyperbole. Humanity isn't dying. Western Humanity, in particular, is regressing to what was common before Christianity and what is common in most of Asia, Arabia and Africa. Child marriage and sexual mutilation is normal in several Muslim countries, they fetishize school girls in Japan, rape babies in South Africa and we all know what Thailand is famous for.

Back in the ancient times, unless you were rich, most people got rid of their "useless" daughters as soon as they hit puberty. Childhood did not exist really for boys or girls. You were a baby and then as soon as you could be useful you were used. The Moloch worsipers burned their babies alive in order to please their god. The Greeks and Romans openly practiced infanticide. Indians in what is today called Peru, sacrificed their most beautiful children to their gods.
After a long stretch of Christian progress the status of women and children has fallen back to ancient times. We can work outside the home (big whoop, women have always worked outside the home and have all the abortions our poor bodies can handle whether it gives up breast cancer later or not) but we are more sex objects now than ever before. It's all we are to many men. And Satan is not just satisfied with us. He and his minions are after the little girls. It didn't start yesterday either. Brooke Shields was a sex symbol before she was even 13. The "sophisticated" cocktails-in- the-Ivory Tower set is pleased that we are regressing to the pre-Christian era but the rest of us are catching on to the horror. We need a religious revival and quick.

St. Louis de Monfort, who converted millions, pray for us.
The Carmelite martyrs, whose deaths woke up the murderous mob and led to the end of the French Revolution, pray for us.
St. Maria Goretti, who fought for her purity, forgave and converted a hardened sinner, pray for us.
St. Agnes, who's holiness shamed the brothel goers, pray for us.
St. Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, virgin and warrior, pray for us.
Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. We don't deserve your prayers, Mother but oh, how we need them!

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Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

People are crazy, nuts, out of their minds, berserk, and more ignorant than any other period in the history of man.

As one of the Saints once said, "Good will be evil, and Evil will be good".

The exploitation of children on a world wide scale is set aside by the trick of the Devil known as Domestic Violence.

While chirping about women's poor choices, the plight of children is set aside.

Men will not stand up to defend children. They are too busy being good little limp wrists.

God will have to shame us with another Joan of Arc to fight this horrible thing.