Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is it a sin to ask a few questions about the beatification?

I just read Philip Lawler's essay in Catholic Culture about the John Paul II beatification and a post on Fr. Z's blog, as well as various other blogs that all seem to indicate that if you have any reservations  or questions about the beatification then you are either a foaming-at-the-mouth Rad Traddie or a moonbeam liberal who wants French bread for communion and priestesses. That's too simplistic and it's unfair.  Asking for clarification does not make one a bad Catholic.

Look, I love John Paul II. He was the pope for most of my life and the only one that I remember. I think he was a holy man personally but here's my problem: I was taught, perhaps wrongly that you can look at the whole life of a saint (after conversion in some cases) and imitate what they did and you will get to Heaven. By beatification or canonization, the Church is saying that you can use this person as your model.  Look at their lives and works oh Christian soul and go do thou, likewise.

When looking at the more than two decades of the Holy Father's pontificate it's obvious that he was magnificent in many ways. I read that some cardinal or archbishop in the Curia stated that JPII was being beatified not because of the events of his pontificate but because of his own private holiness. When I first read that I thought, 'Okay', but later I had to ask if that means we are supposed to ignore some of the things that went wrong. I'm talking about the refusal to hear any criticism of Fr. Marciel, for one.

We are all still too close to JPII to objectively look at his life. Many of us are running on emotion and really I do wish the Vatican had waited at least ten years before a beatification.  My father died when I was 13. I love him. I am fiercely protective of his precious memory. He was a great man but I can admit that he made  some mistakes in his life and as a father. Does this mean I'm a bad daughter? No. It just means that I see and understand some things differently that when I was a freshly grieving kid.

Having said all this, I know that I'm not smarter than the pope or the Holy Spirit. I'll say no more about this and just shut up and pray but I do ask that people not be so ready to verbally stone anyone who does raise their hand and admit that they aren't ready to join the bandwagon without having a few things explained to them.


elena maria vidal said...

Well said. As always.

scotju said...

Dymphna, has a few comments that echo your thoughts on the beatification.

Lynne said...


Richard Collins said...

With you on that (and on boiled peanuts!)

Keystone said...

I read Phil Lawler's COMMENTS, as well as post.
Phil has weekly expenses of $7,000 and needs $28,000 to assure he survives the month of May.
You must pay to "sound off" or comment there.

So the gal below paid up to basically say THIS to Phil:

"Posted by: lauriem5377 - Apr. 27, 2011 7:07 PM ET USA
Our Lord knows who is a saint and who isn't.
That is enough for me."

Imagine charging folks for comments!
(venial sin for sure)

It is a mortal sin to read Father Z.
He is quarrelsome
(Proverbs says that is a no-no)

He has false gods/idols
(Mystic Monk Coffee)

He commits false witness against HIS commenters.
The list goes on and on why it is a sinful blog to read.

I pointed out TWO Catholic bloggers, to another spot, as bad news to the flock of Christ, and the Blogger decided on a "time out" for the two; one was Fr. Z.
The other had a timeout for about a few days at best, then reappeared as a bad dream anew.
Hatred is back. Also back is the heresy that only that blogger is divinely correct in all thoughts.
I digress.

The beatification is not in alignment with Church teaching and standards. They are set aside for JPII.
I do NOT believe he would approve of this going on now.
And I found the movie of pulling his casket out of the grave spot and moving it around on rollers, and a procession of leadership kissing the wood of the coffin, most morbid.

REST IN PEACE should prevail and leave him in his spot...for the sake of dignity.

It is not a sin to question why Church teachings are being bent now for early sainthood.
We are idolizing JPII and making a false god before the LORD. I suspect neither JPII or the Lord approve the goings on.
(That alone would win Fr Z approval.)

Read your Bible and Church doctrine for truth, not Z-man. Despite Benedict inviting 150 Bloggers to the Vatican, "Z" thoughts align with mortal sin, more often than with venial sin, so it is prudent to initiate an early call that his blog is mortal to your soul.

With respect to JPII, and the Feast of Divine Mercy, I suggest you stand in line in FRONT of him (as I will) on Judgment Day. For it will take the Lord perhaps one half of eternity to list the good that JPII has done.
You will get tired standing that long, so go BEFORE him and get your judgment done.

I myself am as high as JPII's shadow.
But believers are saved.
And saved are saints.
I look forward to seeing you, and your halo in heaven.

Emulate the Lord.
Even his mom, BVM, said at Cana (v4):
"Do whatever He tells you".
This advice applies to US today in all we do, not just the water jug stewards in Cana long ago.
"Do whatever He tells you".

[He tells me NOT to buy Mystic Monk Coffee!)

Blessings to you

standing maryanna said...

I'm with you, Dymphna... Sometimes this rush to sainthood has a political smell to it... Why the hurry?

I don't doubt JPII was a holy man but there are lots of holy people around who will never be recognized as saints...

Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

His Holiness Pope John Paul II allowed Aztec Satan Devil Worshippers to give him a Aztec evil 'blessing'.

He allowed Haitian voo-doo witch doctors to 'bless' him.

Among a litany of other things Pope John Paul did, am I allowed to violate the First Commandment as he did?

Here is a good even handed opinion by Bishop Richard Williamson of the SSPX concerning the beatification.


Joseph Therese said...

Dead on!