Friday, April 01, 2011

Random thoughts

The filthy spirit of Dr. Mengele lives on. I've just read an incredibly sickening story about a company that uses aborted fetal cells to test flavorings. What the hell is wrong with people? How do the employees of this company look at themselves in the mirror? The lowest, foulest prostitute on the street can look down on these people.

I love flowers but beyond plunking them in a vase and changing the water every other day I have no great skill in arranging them. Here is a a fascinating post by a Catholic artist explaining how to arrange church flowers.

Remember those fake wood cut images with the deformed looking people that were always in the missalette or the church bulletin back in the 70s and 80s and 90s? Apparently there's still a market for it.

Tonight Rocky and I went to church for the Stations of the Cross. St. Rita's uses the St. Alphonsus Ligouri version. It was beautiful as usual. There was a large crowd with lots of young couples. Fr. Eagle heard confessions. Fr. Bear led the Stations and Monsignor said Mass afterwards. Fr. Z. did a podcast of the Ligouri version. You can listen to it here.

On Sunday, Fr. Scalia ( aka Fr. Aragon and yeah he's one of Justice Scalia's sons) and Fr. McAfee will be saying Solemn Laetare Sunday Vespers.  If you attend come early so you can find some place to park.  The vespers are going to be held at St. Mary's, the oldest Catholic church in Alexandria, Virginia. It's a lovely church but the parking situation in the historic part of Alexandria is extremely limited. If you park in the wrong place you will get a ticket so finding a pay lot is your best bet.

I haven't shopped at Macy's in ages. I guess I won't be going back any time soon. They don't have anything I can't get at Dillards or Belks anyway.


Old Bob said...

Hi, Dymphna, and thanks for the random comments today, especially about Dr. Mengele wannabes, and the Stations. What you have linked to is a newer translation, with the archaic language taken out; it's very good, and I'm glad people are going back to St. Alphonsus. Moi, I prefer the archaic language that was used when I was a kid sixty years ago. Thanks again and best wishes!!!

Dymphna said...

Hi Bob! I just found another version on Fisheaters. Is this more like what you remember?

Old Bob said...

That's it, Dymphna, and thanks very much! The old Station Book from grade school is falling apart so I retyped it and made sort of a facsimile. With pictures.

Patrick Button said...

Dymphna: Nice random thought! I think that keeping cut flowers is just weird. I like to kill things and eat them but I hate to watch flowers slowly wither and die.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"The filthy spirit of Dr. Mengele lives on."

One story I know of him is not quite filthy.

In Jo Wajsblats memory of camp, 13 groups of 50 boys are selected to gas chamber.

He's in the last (or at least he thinks/thought so). When they get in, someone yells for the guards to stop, it is Mengele getting hysteric and shouting "Rauss!"

So the fifty last of 650 were saved that day. I wonder if all were, and if Mengele was acting.

Like, if all fifty thought only one in thirteen had survived, and so on for the other batches of 50, most would be afraid and so more pliable. And this in a boot camp way.

But perhaps you think boot camp methods filthy as well? So do I, actually.