Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Did Archbishop Marini lie?

Former Papal MC, Archbishop Piero Marini has written a book, Io sono un Papa amabile. Giovanni Paolo II, in which he states that Blessed John Paul fully approved of the offbeat liturgies that Marini was in charge of. Father Z. and his most of readers are dismissive.  Is Fr. Z saying in a round about way that an archbishop is lying to sell books? I know many people can't stand Marini but let's get real. Do you really believe that the pope put up with Masses he couldn't stand for two decades? That's absurd.


elena maria vidal said...

Thank you.

Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...

The truth is usually somewhere in between.

I think Team Z is a little to "wishful" in their thinking, but I dont think the Abp. is being completely forthcoming with the situation.

Did he lie? I dont know, I would hope not, but I think that someone like the Pope can be so insulated from what is really going on that "voices" can get to him.

What I mean is that I could see a scenario where Marini and others were telling him how "well received" certain things were and how this that and the other thing were "making a difference." The Pope might have gone along with it in the sake of it "doing something."

Why do I say this? Just because I am extrapolating how things might be in Religious circles, the same way they are in Political circles. I have worked for folks in pretty high up situations where they are a really principled and well grounded person and lose sight of good policy because the folks around them.

They are trying to get to an ultimate goal, and so will listen to all sorts of crazy ideas of how to best get there.

I dont know, just a thought.

artmaster2010-mail2 said...

All I know is that the beautiful and Holy Latin Mass Must return in ALL the churches! Sick and tired of seeing and hearing about these made up abominations they call "masses."

Joseph Therese said...

I know our previous Holy Father was not a liturgist in the strict sense...I'm of your opinion...if he didn't like him, he should have canned him.