Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random thoughts after the migraine has faded

 Yesterday my head hurt so long and so bad that I was wishing that I could throw up because I usually feel better afterwards. I love Spring but it triggers horrid headaches.
  • My mother was a housekeeping supervisor in a big DC hotel for 30 years. She could tell you some shocking stories about how rich and not so rich people behave when they are away from home and have someone else to clean up for them. Once when she was in her 20s she went to a guest's room who had called for  turndown service. When she got there he made an obscene suggestion and she angrily left. The man was told to leave the hotel and did.

    It makes me so angry when I read on other blogs comments like "Why would a rich man like that bother with a lowly maid?" and "She set him up for money, "Why is a man of his breeding being held in Riker's Island?"  A maid is not a slave or something so beneath a guest that she's not even worth the notice one would take of an animal that happened by.  Apparently in France people are aghast that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund was arrested on the word of a mere maid. Well, as President Sarkozy pointed out in America we do take rape accusations seriously.

    A lot of bloggers (Catholics and others) bitch and moan about America and seem to wish we were more like Europe but I thank God that we are not.
  • I wonder why anyone gives a flying hoot  what Stephen Hawking says? The poor man hasn't had an idea since the 80s, 70s!
  • The people pursuing the Arnold Schwarzenegger adultery story are simply evil. They are ruining an innocent child's life. They've printed the name of the child's mother. They've posted photos of her and  slightly blurry photos of the boy on the Internet. They've said what town he lives in and posted a photo of his house. I expect they'll do more. All for the love  of gossip, which is a sin. The poor boy is a private citizen and should not be exposed to ridicule because of the sins of his parents.
  • I pray that Hilary White's cancer treatment goes well. I wish she had  mother or a sturdy old aunt to look after her.


Old Bob said...

Re hotels, I worked on the housekeeping staff of a small hotel here for five and a half years to put myself through college, and your comment is dead on target.
Also the others.
I hope the migraine goes away!
Best wishes!!

editor said...

Some people don't understand the ground is level at the cross.
Sorry about your headaches...I'll pray for you.

Lola said...

Hope that migraine goes away and doesn't come back!

Your mother taught that man a lesson he needed to remember! Her angel was probably doing a victory dance when she complained to her boss!

scotju said...

Hawking is not an expert in theology. He's a physicist, he deals with the material world. He's out of his range of compedence in spirtual matters. He's only blurting ot his own anti-God bias and prejudices.