Monday, May 30, 2011

Random thoughts

*It's a heat advisory day today so I'm staying inside and enjoying the comforts of modern life. When Rocky comes home from work we may head to the Potomac river. In the meantime, thank you Mr. Carrier, Mr. Crapper, Mr. Farnsworth and good ole Mr. Edison, may you all rest in peace.

*After reading about St. Philip Neri I'm curious. How does an oratory work? Is it treated  like a parish or a monastery?

* If you've ever read the Pieta prayer book you've probably seen  excerpts from Mutter Vogel's Worldwide Love. Mother Vogel was a German woman who had many visits from Our Lord and Our Lady. Our Lord supposedly told her many things but the oft quoted words in the Pieta prayer book concerned criticism of priests. A number of people on various blogs have claimed that there's no evidence that Mutter Vogel existed.

I'm a librarian. Looking for stuff is my business so I went searching for Mother Vogel's book for myself. Google is great and I love it but it's not the end of online research by a long shot.
After checking WorldCat, the Library of Congress, German Amazon, German books on mystics and a few German blogs I discovered that the Pieta editors spelled Mutter Vogel's name wrong. It's actually Vogl and the book doesn't seem to have been published in English. I then looked for Mutter Vogls weltweite Liebe  and learned that her name was Katharina and she was a Franciscan Third Order member. She did not publish the book herself but seems to have reported the details of her visions only to her superior(s). Someone named A. M. Weigl wrote the book so anyone searching for Vogel as the author wouldn't have found a thing. Katharina Vogl  died in 1956, and her cause for beatification has been opened.


Gina said...

THANK YOU for this!!! I've been going out of my mind attempting to figure out who "Mutter Vogel" was, and you finally pointed me in the correct direction. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) Hopefully I can either find an English translation or a really good German tutor now... ha ha.

Dymphna said...

You're welcome!

Gina said...

Any chance you were able to actually locate a copy of this supposed book? Even with your information, I was unsuccessful at finding a copy - or even the publisher that supposedly first printed the book!

Even if they went out of business, you'd think there'd be a record of it somewhere, right?

And BTW - can I just go on record stating how timely your last entry was? Ha ha. Seriously - it's a blessing to have found your blog. Kudos to you. :)

Dymphna said...

Gina, I found copies in Germany and one copy at the University of Dayton. The Dayton copy seems to be in German. The books were from the 60s, 1970 and one edition was from 1984.

R J said...

"Mutter Vogel" was news to me, but this anecdote confirms what I've long thought. Namely, that the Internet really is putting paid to the pretensions of a lot of blowhards and know-alls out there, while illustrating how necessary it still is to have (e.g.) people such as librarians and other researchers who know how to use WorldCat.

I fear, though, that the general attitude is summed up by the title of a recent book (which I've not read) called Why Do I Need A Teacher When I've Got Google?.

Even if we didn't already know that Darwinian evolution was a crock of manure, we could have worked this out from the fact that most Internet users have so obviously regressed intellectually from, rather than surpassed, the average person - at least in public utterances - 50 years ago.

Compare a letter-to-the-editor published by a small-town newspaper in 1961 with the average combox in 2011. The level of spelling alone tells the tale.

Gina said...

Welp, RJ does make several valid points... 'specially about that whole spelling charade. But hey... at least my students haven't resorted to using "ur" for "you're" and "neway" for "any way" just yet.

Oh dear Lord, please let's keep it that way! I have to admit getting some "LoLs" peppered throughout essays from students, though. *Sigh*

Maria Dolan said...

Dear Dymphna,
I am trying to find information about Katharine or Catharine Vogl's canonization process. I was able to find this German blog with did cite an imprimatur to her work.
Is there a way for me to contact you off the website?
Maria Dolan

Tuesday, 6 May 2008
The secrets of the Holy Spirit Rosary
To pray as usual, the 5 Rosenkranzgesätzchen with 10 Hail Marys, adding the following secrets:
"The wanted to make our heart for the bounty of the Holy Spirit receptive."
"The us ask the Holy Spirit and wanted to multiply and strengthen the three theological virtues in us."
"The strengthen us by the Holy Spirit, enlighten, guide, govern, lead and wanted it holy."
"The ignite our hearts with the love of the Holy Spirit and wanted to meet with the deepest humility, meekness, patience, devotion, dedication, strength and holiness."
"The implore us the seven gifts and twelve fruits of the Holy Spirit, give all the best and would prevent all evil."
On 02.12.1930, the saintly mother, Catherine Vogl heard from Munich (d. 1956), internally the following words: "Dear soul, people have almost all the highest good of the soul lost, the Holy Spirit, so that darkness across the world and this confusion of tongues. Holy Spirit is off everywhere and no one can do anything without the Holy Spirit, so you can tell me in association with Mary and through Mary, not a stronger prayer offer up as the Holy Spirit Rosary on behalf of all and for all souls. .. The Holy Spirit is far too little honored. "

On 16 July 1930, she heard, "Child, you gelt know, that without the Holy Spirit, no one has any power I am the bride of the Holy Spirit calls me so often it is possible for you, the Holy Spirit Rosary this pleading... contained therein are particularly answered my intercession of the Blessed Trinity Sage your soul guide. (Note: It was the well-known saintly Franciscan Father Bonaventure leaf man) , he shall give this rosary in print, that he distributed everywhere and hardworking 'll pray. Through this grace, humanity will once again be filled with love. Holy Spirit is indeed the spirit of love. "

On 01/30/1931: "Child, it quite often and pray with great devotion I will make you send large men who are completely filled with the Holy Spirit to the people you are talking about the spirit of love and truth, that they all.. be filled with the Holy Spirit, only then many of their blindness will know and understand what leads to peace ... these men should be prayed pretty much the Holy Spirit Rosary ".

Taken from the book: "AM Weigl" Mother Vogl's global love "(St. Grignon-Verlag, Altötting) of the HH Father Ferdinand Baumann, SJ, Rome, wrote:" This book is a true and precious treasure. I hardly know of another one that would offer so many and such valuable suggestions on relatively few pages. "

Imprimatur: Bishop's Ordinariate Regensburg, 11.02.1961

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Oratories would be sth like "monastery serving parish" - not quite unlike Augustinians a thousand years earlier, but less depending on a bishop wanting to live like an abbot of a number of priests.

At least I suppose.

As you are a Tolkien geekette, I suppose you know JRRT was at the oratory of Birmingham.