Monday, October 10, 2011

Random thoughts

  • Mormonism is not Christianity.  Yes, the Mormon's up the road from me are very nice and friendly and I feel great sympathy for the little missionaries rolling by on their mountain bikes in all kinds of weather----I wish I could hug them, give them cake slices and talk them into going home and quitting the whole thing---- but they are not Christians. Sorry. You either believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost or you don't. When Mormons deny that they do not believe that Christ was the only begotten Son,  it's either because they are trying to recruit the gullible (cult behavior)  or because they don't realize what their own church fathers wrote concerning the conception of Our Lord and the orgins of God the Father.

  • I'm wondering if student loans shouldn't be abolished unless the student is planning to major in something useful. No more 14th century French gay mime studies. My husband works 10 hours a day, six days a week. Why should his tax dollars be used for an utterly frivolous venture?

  • I'm a librarian and once again the American Library Association is having its annual celebration of banned books. I'm unmoved. My sympathies are entirely with the parents who care what their kids read. What goes into your little kid's mind is forever. Don't ever be afraid to challenge your child's teacher. She and the principal may try to portray you as a slack jawed yokel  but stand your ground.  They are doing a job. You have a God-given vocation.
    A fourth grader doesn't need to read Push, a book that horrified me at 35, and a fifth grader doesn't need to read The Awakening  and beware and give the stink eye to any teacher who thinks it's a good idea for your 12 year old to be reading,  Lolita, period.

  • So far, I've gotten my relative's rent reduced and paid it for this month. I'm still working on the cable. I won't pay for the current package but I can not drop the TV because that is my poor relative's only enjoyment and it is calming. I've spoken to social workers (they've been angels), a government nurse, got my relative a doctor's appointment, bought clothes, and household items, contacted a lawyer about getting gaurdianship and have asked the social workers to work on applications to several nursing homes.

    I've contacted housekeepers about getting my relative's apartment cleaned up and so far four people are willing to do it despite the stomach turning bed bug infestation. Still it all seems so damned slow. I'm terribly worried about my mother's health. The shock of seeing how our relative is living was huge and she hasn't has had any peace since. It's been pretty bad. Last week felt like we'd descended into hell. Yesterday Rocky got me out of the house and took me to a park. I spotted two warblers, breathed the scent of the river water and relaxed so much that I went to bed shortly after we got home.

  • Christians are being killed in Egypt and nobody seems to care. All we hear from the White House is the sound of crickets. The activists around the world have fallen silent as the Arab Spring turns into a pure red slaughter just as anybody with a brain knew it would.