Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random thoughts

  • I was sick at work today and felt shaky. Luckily it didn't turn into a migraine and worked it's way out my system in time for Rocky and I to go to the Tridentine Mass at St. Rita's. We have the sweetest little altar boys and a sterling young priest.

  • We daytripped to Leesburg, Virginia  last Sunday and I noticed as we drove through the very pretty historic area that the local atheists had put up a really hideous billboard on the court house grounds. Other than showing all the locals and tourists what poor taste they have I don't think they accomplished much.

  • I wish that no-one who was mentored, connected to or worked for the late Cardinal Bernadin would ever get a position of power ever again. They’ve caused a lot of trouble and misery.  

  • On Fr. Z’s blog a person wrote in to whine about not being able to confess because the priest had to leave to say Mass. Oh the humanity! Oh the nerve of that priest putting Mass before the parishioner’s precious little feelings.  And then other people wrote in to whimper as well. Some used the my-kids-are-such-a-handful-that-I-can’t-get-to-church-on-time excuse, which never cuts anyice with me. If you kids are that challenging you need to figure something out but don’t expect the priest to somehow know that you are running late and that he must wait around for you and just dear little you to get to church.

     Rocky actually dislikes confessing in his home parish and prefers to go the Basilica in DC  or to the Franciscan monastery. I’ve stood in line and been turned away a few times and no it's not fun. Usually I go somewhere else as soon as I can or if the priest is willing and has time I’ll ask if I can see him after Mass. Needing to go to confession is uncomfortable, it's even frightening and painful at times but getting mad at the priest because he has to attend to duties is just selfish and petty.

  • I noticed something odd about Khadafy’s death. The American commentators and Catholic bloggers who cried and moaned about Osama bin Ladin’s demise are silent this time and Khadafy died a far worse death.  A bullet to the head was a much easier way to go than the beating, and torture the monster of Libya got. Was the mourning over binLadin just anti Americanism, self-hatred or citizen-of-the-world platitudes? It's a curious thing.

  • Catholic University is being sued because according to the really jerky guy who has no connection at all the Catholic U., yet is  pursuing the suit, it’s not accommodating enough for  its Muslim students.  We need a loser pays clause in tort law and we really need some sort of punishment/deterrent for people who bring up nuisance suits.