Saturday, December 17, 2011

Random thoughts

  • I can't stand Patheos. It's like the Borg on Star Trek. It takes fun bloggers and turns them into drones. Being with Patheos has  completely ruined the once delightful Anchoress and I just hope that Crescat doesn't change.

  • I don't understand the whole Anglican Ordinariate thing. Why can't people just convert on their own instead of the whole parish, "priest" (I thought the Anglican orders were invalid? Did this change?) and the building coming over with their own version of the Mass. Why not go to RCIA--wretched as it usually is and be done with it? I'm not knocking the Ordinariate. I just don't understand why it is necessary and why the Anglican patrimony is supposed to be such a boon for the Church. The Anglican church was founded because Henry VIII was a vicious lustful  sociopath who wanted a new woman and discarded his  devoted wife, only legitimate child, religion, faithful friends and servants and went on a killing spree.

    It's confusing because the same commentators who go into raptures about the beauty of the Anglo-Catholic service  and who hope if will either influence the Novus Ordo  or that they will  soon be able to take refuge in an approved  Ordinariate Mass would eat a brick before they'd go to a TLM.

  • I really miss the Gregorian Rite Catholic blog. Prima's wit was like an electric knife slicing through blubber.

  • Dear bishops who signed their names to this letter, I suggest that the next time you want want money for something in your diocese you ask donations from outside the country because you don't seem to give a hoot about the laws, and very real concerns of your American flock who have to deal with the problems massive illegal immigration brings.  

  • If Youth only knew, if Age only could.... Hilary White has written something with painful, avert your eyes honesty  about the bad gambles  girls make when we're young  because all the cool people told us that we must or be losers and how we can suffer will the debt comes due.

  • I  read this  post from the Vestal morons blog which uses Star Wars as a metaphor for Vatican II and what happened after.  I think he's wrong about a couple of things. Padme Amidala was a passive aggressive  idiot so she can't represent the pre-concilar Church and Obi Wan certainly wasn't Paul VI. Jar Jar Binks on the other hand, oh yeah, the young writer is absolutely spot on about Jar Jar.

  • There is a candy store near where I work that sells blasphemous "humor" items. Their Christmas display this year features revolting images of Jesus and Mary on various things that I will not attempt to describe. The owner of the shop must really hate Catholics. He or she always has something mocking nuns or priests in the window. I can't imagine how much time he or she takes to find all this stuff. For this reason I refuse to buy anything from the store or even go in there. The candy is supposed to be really good but as long as Christians make excuses and buy from people like the owner of this shop we are feeding the beast.

  • Speaking of work I wish I had the senority and the nerve to pull this off: